Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BLAH!!! Wednesday!

So's Wednesday! YIPPEE...throw a party-NOT! I was up wayyyy to late last night cleaning for the in-laws visit. They roll into town this evening, and while they don't pull the white glove treatment when they come to visit I feel the need to have my house SPOTLESS! So yeah that's the reason for the blahs today. Upside to the day it's nice outside so I will be able to get out during lunch and walk and breathe in the clean Colorado air (no not a cliche-it really is clean).

As it stands right now I should be working-but clearly I find this to be a more enjoyable way of getting through my morning, but seriously I need to finish this blog up, drink my coffee in silence and work my little booty off!

I will post dinner tomorrow-I am cooking tonight, and I know you are dying to know if Craig got chili in a can last night-well he didn't I did what I do best second to cooking-I dialed Pizza Hut!

Happy Friday Wednesday (see already trying to fast forward the week)!

Cheers ~

PS-Little gossip to get you through the day! U R WC!

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Dancing with the "stars"-yeah this cast is a little light in the stars category!

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Kendra Wilkinson-Known for dating Hugh Hefner and posing for Playboy.

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THE KARATE KID!! Ralph Macchio-I had a poster of Ralph taped to the back of my bedroom door when I was like 11!

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Kirstie Alley-Cheers, Look Who's Talking, Veronica's Closet-that's about it for her!

There are more "stars" this season but I don't know who they are, why they are on this show so I think this one will be a snore fest!

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