Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Mash-Up

So it's Tuesday, and with my week being crazy I figured it was only fitting that my blog followed suit!
This blog is about everything and maybe a little bit of nothing!
First up dinner last night.
Now with a busy week at work and getting prepared for my in-laws to be here tomorrow I knew there was absolutley no way I was cooking last night-first I informed Craig that dinner would be chili in a can. Once we got home that plan changed. I managed to go beyond cracking open a can! Proud of me I know right...!?
We did have a "meal" that I made quite a bit when I was single-I give you rotini with mushromm basil sauce! Don't be fooled by the name I dolled it up-it's box of rotini noodles and a jar of mushroom with basil sauce! That's it..I won't go into the instructions for this one-I think it's self explanatory! Nonetheless-it was yummy!
Tonight-well tonight really will be chilie in a can-I have stuff to do in preparation of the in-law's coming into town tomorrow night!
I anticipate cooking so I will be able to share that with you!

Other stuff on my radar-well the Oscars, The Bachelor and the new cast of Dancing with the "Stars". Yup, you got me I like boring awards shows and reality TV!

While I enjoyed watching those awards being handled-even though I watching the entire show on fast forward-THANK YOU DVR! I really watch the show for the fashions! Here are some of my hits and misses! IMO

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Loved this simple, yet elegant look on Jennifer Lawerence!

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Keeping with the red theme-I am BEYOND loving this look on Sandy B. honestly this is my fave of the night! Eat your heart out Jesse James

Reese Witherspoon-simple and classy! She is a favorite!

Celine Dion-making new mother's this world over jealous! Think she's wearing spanx under the dress?

Can you say-"Hello, Old Hollywood!"-Amy Adams nailed the look!

Natalie Portman-Making pregnant women look good!

Cate Blanchett-I just don't get it!

All in all I think everybody played it safe in the fashion arena-but they were great to look at an commentate on nonetheless!

Well-I gotta get off my rear and get outside!



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  1. I watched the Academy Awards too...and I also wondered about Cate Blanchett. Why is there yellowishness on her shoulders? Bizarre.