Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Friday!!! Hip!Hip!Hooray!!!!

It's Friday-need I say anymore??? Well I guess I should since this is a blog and that would be a really short read!
Sorry for the "silent" treatment the last few days. I haven't made anything earth shattering the last few days. Sadly, this is the norm when Craig is out of town. I will be glad when Chloe can start eating what we eat, then I can cook for the 2 of us when Craig is gone!
Last night's dinner was pizza delievered to my door! I love delivery-my lazy self loves living close to places that deliver. Now I just need to find a chinese food restaturant that delivers. On second thought it's probably better that I don't!!!

In the next few weeks my menu choices will be changing, not that I cook a lot of fatty foods, but I need to lose more weight, and some of my choices in food aren't helping the situation!

If it's helps I might even give you the calorie count on the meal that I prepare! I found a really great book that has yummy receipes in them, but are lowers in calories. In fact some of the recipes that I've made recently came out of this book! More on that later!

Well gotta run-too much to do and not enough hours in the day!


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  1. I never cook when my hubby is gone either... Can't wait to see how you lighten up your dishes. I am more concerned with Fat than calories! (Doing Weight Watches -- and not very