Monday, February 21, 2011

Party Time Preparation!

I cannot believe that my baby will be 1 in less than 2 weeks!!! Where did the time go???
She's toddling around and drinking whole milk out of a sippy cup!! Soon we can potty train and ditch those nasty diapers!! But first I must plan-and I am just about done!

First off I had to come up with a theme-taking from Chloe's nickname of Monkey I found a really cute 1st birthday website that had the perfect little girl Money themed decor. I highly recommend this website for all of your planning needs
They sent me a catalog with coupons and when I placed the order online I had forgotten the coupon codes, so I got on the live chat and was able to get the codes! They shipped out the package with an anticipated delivery date for this week-but I got the box last Friday WOO!HOO!

Check out the theme!
Cute right??!!

I picked up the streamers and extra plates in the pink color from Wal-Mart just in case.
Now I have been told the 1st birthday party is more for the parents than the child-a celebration of her turning 1 in 1 piece and Mommy & Daddy still functioning at 100%! So bring on the party!!!

We decided not to invite kiddos to this party-it will be close friends and Craig's Mom & Gram are coming down from Canada-so 10 people total! It will be a nice time with Chloe as the center of attention!!

I just have to order her cake, get balloons and wrap up her presents! I just keep thinking back to this time last year and March 5th couldn't get here fast enough, and now here we are a year later!! It flew by!! Sometimes I wish that I could just stop time!

Lasts stop on the party planning train will be food-I love a good party and enjoy making the food and planning out all the yummy nummy stuff.
Here is what I have planned so far-keeping in mind that 98% of the guests are adults!

Veggie & Dip Tray
Fruit with Fruit dip( I will share my yummy fruit dip recipe the closer we get to the party-it's not chocolate!)
Cheese and crackers
Mini twice baked ptoatoes
Chicken skewers with a sesame ginger dipping sauce
Bacon wrapped shrimp
Chive stuffed cucumbers
I might come up with a few more-but I think that is plenty along with cake and ice cream!

So more to come later!!


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